Great for schools, sports or dance teams, churches, non-profit groups, etc.  

Your supporters will get gourmet flavored popcorn that is fresh and handmade at our store using the highest quality ingredients available.  We have a large variety of flavors that will meet anyone's taste.  You can offer our gourmet flavored popcorn at an affordable price and still make high profits for your organization!

  • No minimum order

  • Up to 50% profit for each bag you sell

  • No money up-front

  • Choose from a wide variety of gourmet popcorn flavors

  • We pop your order fresh, and package it specifically for your group

  • Fundraising materials and kit provided

Choosing a fundraiser with Sweet Emilia's is a tasty way to earn money for your organization!


How Pre-Order Sales Work

Fundraising during the months of November and December must be pre-approved.  Due to holiday volumes order completion may be delayed.

  1. Set your end price for your customers.  As an example, if your group sells our Cheese bags (4 cups per bag), your cost is $2.25 per bag.  If you sell these bags at $5.00/ea, you make 55% profit on each bag!   If your group is trying to raise $250, you will need to sell 91 bags to meet your goal.

  2. Pre-orders will be taken by your group. We will provide the forms you'll need with your team/group information already pre-printed on them.

  3. After your selling period is over, total your orders and place a single order to Sweet Emilia's.

  4. You will receive your popcorn within 7-10 days and you can then distribute the popcorn

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